Why Front Load Washing Machines Are a Smarter Choice

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Apart from the most obvious point of difference – the location of the loading door – top load and front load washing machines are separated by their capacity, cleaning mechanism, resourcefulness and size – all crucial when you think of a long-term investment. And while top load washing machines are cheaper up-front, the slashed power bills popularly associated with a front load will tempt you towards them.

What trumps a front-load washing machine?

Gentle cleaning/working

The absence of an agitator in a front-load means they are gentler on your clothes. A front-load relies on paddles on the side of the basket that gently help your clothes forward while stirring water as the basket rotates. This gentle tumble wash action protects your clothes from being stretched in the process.

A top load washing machine, on the other hand, has a basket with a central agitator that is armed with ridges to move (push) your clothes around.

Basket capacity

A front load brings with it more space owing to the absence of a central agitator post, meaning you can wash more clothes in a single cycle. Less rounds mean big savings on electricity bills.  Their reputed quicker drying cycles also will save you impressive power.

Water and detergent efficient

A top load washing machine usually requires its basket to be completely filled with water during wash cycles. A front load easily uses just half of the same. 1/3rd of the detergent that you put to use in top load is all you need in a front-load machine if you don’t want your laundry station to be overflowing with water and froth.

Noise levels

Rest assured the rumbling of your laundry will not wake you up with a start no more. Many front loads boast of a vibration control that stabilizes the internal basket/drum, ensuring the machine is still and un-rattling.

Space consumption

An absolute winner for commercial purposes. With the loading door on the side of a front door washer, you can stack them on top of each other to save you space in the laundry room.

More wash programmes and features

Because all front load washing machines are fully automatic, expect a lot more additional functions such as baby care, pre-wash for tough stains, sterilize wash, fewer speed fluctuations etc. for customised laundry needs.

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