What The New iFFALCON K31 AI Smart TV Series is Offering

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Hands-free control, a powerful hardware courtesy a strong triple-core 600-800 MHz GPU alongside 16 GB RAM that facilitates a faster, ‘smarter’ TV experience, image and sound optimization for an authentic live-action feel and a world of Android games and content via Google Play make the new iFFALCON K31 AI Series your gateway to new experiences every day. 

Top features

Hands-free AI Voice Interaction

Welcome home a luxurious TV watching experience with the new iFFALCON AI series. With far-field voice, you can switch channels, make programme reservations and control other smart devices such as your lights and speakers with just your voice.

AI Picture Engine

The TCL AI Picture Engine intelligently recognises scenes of the movie you are watching through an AI algorithm. The parameters of each scene are adjusted according to the changes in content to provide you with a more prominent depth of field effect.

4K UHD and Micro Dimming

While 4K UHD reproduces natural colours and all shades of light in the spectrum via 3,840 x 2,160 pixels (4 times the number of pixels on Full HD TVs), HDR 10 and its shockingly accurate reproduction of light and dark shades make for a larger than life TV viewing experience.

AI Sound Engine

The TCL AI Sound Engine dynamically adjusts the audio quality to balance out the volume, maintaining a stable frequency during high and low volumes so that dialogues are not muffled. The built-in stereo box shape means sound is produced from a wider enclosure for an immersive Dolby audio experience.

AI Interconnection to easily control lights, ACs and other smart home devices through the TV, built-in Chromecast, TCL Channel for quick and seamless access to 950,000+ content and console-style Android games are other exciting components the new iFFALCON series promises. 

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