Camera Gimbals: What Are They?


Essentially a camera and video stabilizer, gimbals have been rapidly climbing the popularity charts with video junkies owing to the incredibly smooth and stable footage they are able to provide while giving you complete freedom of movement at the same time. Imagine a motorized steadicam that is light and small.

How a Gimbal works

To describe it more technically, a ‘gimbal’ is a pivoted point that allows you to rotate any object along a single axis. A camera gimbal then is a pivot that stabilizes your camera footage even when you continue moving left and right, up and down, front and back. This is popularly called the 3 axis gimbal model. A 3 axis camera gimbal electronically adjusts its 3 axis – namely pitch, yaw and row to ensure your camera continues to rotate only along a single axis throughout the filming process, sudden movements and outdoor vibrations notwithstanding. The footage you get will still be clean. We can then say a gimbal is effectively independent of the one holding it.

The use of motion sensors

A gimbal uses sensors to detect movements of the camera, how fast it is moving and in what direction. When the sensor records sudden change or jolts, the motor produces a counteractive motion that keeps the camera in the same position resulting in footage that is graceful. The gimbal stabilizes within milliseconds of jolts and motion.

The 3 axis of a Gimbal 

The 3 axis of the gimbal (pitch, yaw and row) stabilizes three movements of your camera – commonly called tilt, pan and roll, even if you are not steady. Tilt is when you are capturing an object moving up or down, pan is following an object from left to right and vice versa and roll is employed when you are moving back and forth – say if you are shooting a video of a sunset and moving back and forth, you would still want your camera to focus on the same sphere where the sunset is even if you have to move front and back.  

A wonderfully nifty addition to your camera gear. Experiment with angles, rotate your camera fearlessly in as many directions as you like for a vibration-free playback of your skiing adventure or just follow your dog around the house with it for some guaranteed special, funny footage. 

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