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Joining the Flipkart family is global sports lifestyle company Under Armour that rolled out their first retail store in Delhi in the first half of the year, heeding to their exponentially growing Indian fans’ demands and requests. 

For every athlete

The brand’s state-of-the-art sports gear that is engineered to solve problems ensures every athlete is empowered to push the envelope every time they are on the field. Forward-thinking designs make shopping easy for athletes who are looking for apparel best suited for what they pursue – whether its basketball, golf, running or training.

How is the brand sports-friendly?

Minerals extracted from earth are melded together; the propriety blend then infused into the fabric to make you less tired. How? Your body emits heat that is absorbed and converted to infrared energy. The fabric then reflects the energy back into your tissues and muscles to result in increased endurance and strength. In short, Under Armour recycles your body energy to put it to good use.

By eliminating the dependence on elastane, the brand took a giant step towards employing material that is a 100% recyclable. Elastane does provide stretch but also holds moisture, requires more drying time, wear out faster and makes cloth impossible to recycle. Instead, polymer was adopted as the replacement to elastane that not just lasts longer but is completely recyclable as well.  A company built on innovation, sustained by performance.

What is on offer

Under Armour’s sweeping apparel and accessory range on Flipkart will inspire you with performance solutions you did not know you needed.  This includes over ten classifications of footwear, top wear spanning t-shirts, hoodies, sweatshirts, jackets, vests, tank tops, bottom wear making up of joggers, tights and shorts alongside accessories such as backpacks, gloves, headphones, phone cases, socks and sunglasses.

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