The Top 5 Soundbars Sweeping The Charts


The slim oblong cabinet speakers aka soundbars not just take up minimal space but project sound from a larger enclosure, ensuring clarity that trumps a home theatre set-up. The absence of the complexity of multiple wires is the icing on the cake. So which ones are tech gurus recommending?


Welcome big cinema sound to your living room for astonishingly less than what you’d expect. Along with a compact and wireless subwoofer for low-frequency sound, the JBL SB150 lets you stream your favourite music via Bluetooth from your smart device. The three unique equalizer settingsĀ  – “movie”, “music” and “news” – ensures optimized listening experiences for different video content. You can also separately adjust the subwoofer’s volume to control the bass performance. The soundbar delivers a rattling 150W audio and can be easily connected to any flat-screen TV with a single cable.

MarQ by Flipkart FS23S 120W

The MarQ 120W bass-boosting soundbar, with its external subwoofer, delivers up to 3 times as much bass. Get ready for some hard, pumping music, deep and full. The LED display gives you a visual representation of the volume and what input the soundbar is on.

Sony 5.1 HT-RT3

Awarded as “Good Design” at India Design Mark in 2017, the 7.62 cm soundbar works with two rear speakers to offer you a balanced, wide-frequency audio output so that every dialogue, track and beat is picked up authentically and reproduced. At the same time, the external subwoofer works its magic to add more clarity and punch to the existing bass. Finally, the S-Master digital amp minimises distortion. A collective power output of 600 W makes way for a thrilling soundscape. Using the HDMI Audio Return Channel allows the audio to be carried to the soundbar from compatible TVs without requiring extra audio cables.


The LG SJ3 is best known for its Adaptive Sound Control (ASC) that analyzes content in real time. It detects dialogue to enrich clarity while raising the sub when it senses action to induce more impact. The Auto Sound Engine optimises sound levels to balance the volume, regardless of how high or low it is. We love the Bluetooth Stand-by Mode which can wake up the soundbar on demand – music starts playing the moment you transfer an audio file to it via Bluetooth. The soundbar remains in sleep mode but will begin playing when you send a file.

Boat Aavante 1550

A thundering 120 W total output, a slim soundbar and versatile 2-way subwoofer will take you to an alternate dimension. While drivers at each end of the soundbar produce a clear mid and high range, the 60 W subwoofer fills in the rumbling lows for a full, rich experience. Stay plugged into the sound with an arrangement of wired connections and Bluetooth wireless technology.

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