The Polaroid Camera: Self-Expression Gets a New Form

polaroid camera

The comeback of the polaroid camera has to be one of our favourite stories of resurgence of all time. With Fuji Instax Mini 8 taking the world by storm, we now have photography and non-photography enthusiasts sporting these slick devices not just as a tool to translate memories onto paper, but as a fashion choice, a medium of self-expression.

  • Nostalgic. A family huddled together over a photo album – ring any bells? No one has forgotten the simplicity of the 35 mm film rolls. While technology reaches newer heights everyday, touch and feel is not losing out on its share of loyal fan following anytime soon. Memories that are tangible: our old-school heart cannot ask for more.
  • Instant Gratification. Digital cameras produce instant results too, but holding a photograph that has come alive right in front of your eyes is a gratification of another level. The film takes only a couple of minutes to dry before you can see the image. Oh, the anticipation of it! 
  • Keepsake. Instant photographs come with a memory of time. Bake a batch of pies, take a quick photo, jot down what its called on the chalk-white border and tape it onto the fridge to start a collage. Take a series of pictures of your pet and paste it in a scrapbook to record their growth. Gift someone a picture of themselves with a ‘remember when…’ caption with date and time. You will also come across film rolls with dozens of decorative borders to choose from. Retro polka dots, nostalgic cartoons, vintage floral and good ol’ fashioned stripes – options are plenty to turn these photo memorabilia pretty enough to be kept safe for a lifetime.
  • As easy as it gets. Three buttons are all there are on an instant camera. Just point and shoot. The camera has an automatic flash, an autofocus and a brightness adjustment dial that tells you what setting to choose by lighting up the corresponding lamp.
  • Colours. Of course you can add 1200 filters to the photographs you take on your phone, but nothing quite beats the warm tones you find on an instant film. The shades are vintage with a flourish that is unmatchable.
  • Good looks. Well. Icing on the cake. Compact, stylish and light bodies in pops of vibrant hues reflect the kind of companion we’d like to show off, wouldn’t we?

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