The Body Shop Products You Must Own: Part 2

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In continuation of our top-selling TBS series .. 

Tea Tree Oil

‘Genie in a bottle’ is what The Body Shop calls the potent tea tree spot application oil that can remove sudden outbreak of zits and rashes overnight. Severe zits will take another couple of days to disappear. Hand-picked organic tea tree oil from Kenya ensures only the purest reaches you. The benefits of the product don’t end at clearing blemishes; customers say they have found a use for it to heal cuts and scrapes, mosquito bites and even in massaging. Nothing short of a miracle oil then?

Satsuma Shower Gel

The strawberry and satsuma shower gels are the two most popular variants of TBS’ luxurious shower gel collection. If you are a citrus person, you will love the wonderfully zesty essence of the satsuma, just what the doctor orders to kick-start your day. The soap-free cleanser lathers up quickly, without drying out the skin. Trust the gel to lift your senses up no matter when you use it.

Exfoliating gloves

A godsend for scrubbing! Work up a rich lather with TBS’ exfoliating gloves that are made up of soft woven nylon fabric meant to provide an invigorating cleanse without being harsh on your skin. Ideal for people who run short on time. A pair of scrubbing gloves will accelerate the exfoliation process to rid you of dead skin cells from the very first wash, leaving you with a shiny texture.

Vitamin E Eye Cream

the body shop

The iconic eye cream is another revered Vitamin E favourite from the company. It deeply moisturises and shields the delicate skin around the eye to reduce puffiness and fine lines for a velvety-smooth and clean texture. The cream comes with light-deflecting properties that minimize the appearance and intensity of dark circles.

White Musk® Eau De Toilette

the body shop

TBS’ White Musk was an instant best-seller the year it was launched, and continues to remain the brand’s most cult fragrance. The product was one of the first few animal cruelty-free musks that were made without harming the musk deer, opening a brand new door for the perfume and beauty industry. Musky and floral in equal parts, don’t be fooled by its soft, gentle scent. The underlying, unmistakable sensuality will make you go for it again….and again.

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