The A-Z of Skirts : Part I


From boss-lady to dainty date-ready, you can trust the ever-evolving skirt to reflect your mood of the day given their varying and very defining lengths, cuts and silhouettes tailormade for specific purposes. 

A-line Skirt


When laid flat on a table, the A-line skirt forms a triangle shape or the capital A. Narrow at the waist, the skirt widens evenly towards the hem. The very gradual increase in volume creates the illusion of ideal proportions. Pear-shaped bodies, we are talking to you. An A-line skirt will take away attention from the hips and direct it to the narrower waist. The conservative length makes it an appropriate choice for almost any occasion. Expect a classic feminine appeal. 

Skater Skirt 


Sporty and sexy is the short skater skirt that will remind you of the vintage skating costumes of the nineties. Very informal because of the light, breezy fabric used to make them, the skater is never without a defined waistband. With a short A-line silhouette that starts high on the waist, the skirt is of late seen paired with a fitted crop top, showing a sliver of the midriff. We’d recommend this for a date night or a night out in the city with your girlfriends. 

Pencil Skirt


A toned body is a pencil skirt’s best friend. The silhouette created by the skirt is as straight as a pencil – running from the waist to the knee (or just a tad above it). Because they tend to hug the thighs and legs very closely, the pencil skirt was not the easiest to walk in when it was first introduced. Slits were then added on the back to enable larger, regular strides. A button-down shirt, a loose silk top and a turtle neck sweater are three classic ways to style the pencil skirt for the workplace. Long legs and pencil skirts are a match we personally are biased towards!

Flared Skirt



The difference between a flared and an A-line skirt is the extra flare and flourish that you will see at the hem in the former. They are also much shorter than A-lines. As the skirt moves down, it circles out at the bottom, concealing all those unwanted bulges. Its dressy, feminine outlook makes it quite the choice for cocktails. Wear a fitted top with this kind so as to not create a very wide silhouette.

Broomstick Skirt



The very hippie broomstick skirt conjures up images of a dismal Cinderella with her broomstick and a long, wrinkled skirt. Not surprising then that the broomstick skirt also goes by the name peasant or gypsy skirt because of the inherent wrinkles that run all along its length. Imagine a fabric twisted around the body of a broomstick. You will typically find this kind in cotton, linen, chiffon and other breathable, lightweight materials, making them the best choice for an activity-filled day. Often seen paired with a solid tank top and some chunky turquoise jewellery to bring out the distinct bohemian vibe of the outfit. 

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