Sunglasses and Face Shapes

Sunglasses! Don’t we all love them on days when we have no eyeliner on or blowout hair to parade! The right pair of sunglasses does not need the support of make-up or buoyant hair.  We believe a pair that is in slight contrast with the shape of your face has what it takes to put your best features on display. So what would best flatter you?

Round Faces

Characterised with soft curves, a round face needs angular lines if you want to add a new dimension. While rectangles and squares add the necessary sharp angles, a pair of oversized sunnies will cut across your cheekbones to slim down your cheeks. Conversely, a pair of round frames will only add to the overall roundness.

Oval Faces

The most versatile face shape, everything rocks an oval face because of its perfectly symmetrical features. You have the liberty to experiment with different shapes and patterns but try not to go for a pair that is too huge for that will only block out those even features.

Square Faces

A square, strong jaw and a prominent forehead are what square faces are admired for. The sharp angles in your face make you a perfect candidate for round, oval, aviator and butterfly frames that come with delicate and rounded edges, lending you a more balanced look.

Heart Faces

Chances are that you’ve got a broader brow-line and a pointy chin. Frames with wide lower edges will elongate your face and shift attention to the bottom half. Your go-tos are cat-eyes and butterfly designs.

Diamond Faces


A narrow jawline, a narrow forehead and cheekbones visibly protruding outwards will lend a diamond outline to your face. Any design that is small (oval or rectangle) – as long as they aren’t wider than your cheekbones – will ensure a beautiful proportionate outline.

Oblong Faces


Long and narrow faces are a canvas for wide, big frames if you are looking at adding an illusion of width. Size is what you should give precedence over design. Small frames will only elongate your face further.

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