Stephen King Returns With The Outsider

stephen king

Unsettling but a compulsive read is how the blurb of The Outsider reads. Unsettling we are sure, for the king of horror hasn’t been bestowed the designation for nothing.

The book begins as a classic detective tale. A little boy’s violated body is found in a town park. Fingerprint samples, DNA tests and eyewitness accounts all point towards one of the city’s most popular English teachers and coach of baseball team Little League, Terry Maitland. Detective Ralph Anderson, whose son Maitland had coached, demands a very public arrest of the accused – in the middle of a packed baseball game. But Maitland has a strong alibi – security and TV footage show that he was out of town attending a conference along with fellow teachers, who attest the same. How can Maitland be at two places at the same time?

Enter horror territory – what the King’s avid fans positively knew was right around the corner from page 1. The dam is now open and shackles broken. Welcome to the world of the unfathomable where anything can happen, but with King narrating it, the unnatural is likely … the world beyond your realm of understanding starting to make sense. King toys with the idea and purpose of evil once again, chilling and yet consuming all at once. Afterall, in a world as extensive and unexplored as ours, anything is possible.

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