Skin Care: 5 Anti-Ageing Creams & Serums that Pack a Punch

anti-ageing creams

Don’t let your skin age faster than you. Our top five recommended anti-ageing creams and formulas are bound to keep you glowing post your prime.

The Kaya Absolute Repair Concentrate

A youth boost serum, the Kaya Absolute Repair Concentrate is built on GAG (glycosaminoglycans) complex that is responsible for cell renewal and turnover while deeply moisturising and nourishing your skin from within. GAG is also known to promote skin elasticity by preventing collagen breakdown while restoring firmness and youthful glow.

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The O3+ Dermal Zone Anti-Ageing Cream 

Infuse life into dull, matured skin with the O3+ Dermal Zone Anti Ageing Cream that is touted to fight 11 signs of skin ageing while significantly brightening it courtesy the inclusion of berries, revered for skin lightening properties. Along with reducing the intensity of wrinkles and crevices around the eyes, the cream acts as a big moisture booster, hydrating the face all over and leaving you with a moist and natural glow.

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The 03+ Agelock Youth Drop

Natural anti-ageing ingredients in the form of sweet potatoes recreate younger looking radiant skin. Smooths away dry lines and has a refreshing effect on the skin, leaving it light and energised. Sweet potatoes double up as an intense moisturiser that can cure pigmentation and unclog pores to even out skin texture. 

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The Face Shop Therapy Hydrating Formula Emulsion

The Face Shop Therapy Hydrating Formula Emulsion is engineered from a 6 week handmade milk blending processing method and boasts of the goodness of lavender, basil leaves, wild rose and oat seeds. The emulsion pumps your skin with natural oil to create a moisture barrier that softens rough skin to smoothen lines and wrinkles. Best suited for women. 

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The Lakme Youth Infinity Skin Firming Serum

This powerful skin sculpting serum repairs and regenerates your skin all through the day to give you the sculpted 20s look. The serum is enriched with skin-lightening qualities of luminizing pearls that work almost immediately to visibly reduce spots, blemishes and fine lines. In addition are insta collagen boosters that perform rigorously to tighten your skin.

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