QLED TVs: What Are They?


QLED TVs or Quantum Dot Light Emitting Diode TVs are nothing but LED/LCD TVs that use quantum dots to enhance performance, particularly colour and contrast to support new technology, namely HDR and 4K. This should ideally make QLED televisions more colourful than regular LED-LCD televisions sans quantum dots. QLEDs are also touted to reach deeper black levels that play a major hand in improving contrast in images. The technology has been primarily designed to enhance areas that LED and LCD systems have been trying to improve upon – brighter colours, deeper blacks and wide viewing angles.


Samsung Q Series 138cm Ultra HD Curved QLED Smart TV  (55Q8C)

Samsung’s Quantum Dot Technology provides a billion shades – a superbly wide colour palette is what you are exposed to with the Samsung 55Q8C QLED Smart TV. With Q Contrast Technology aiding bolder contrasts, you won’t have to squint your eyes anymore to grasp night-shot scenes. Clarity is a constant no matter how bright or dark your surroundings.

Q HDR 1500 ensures you the smallest of smallest details catch your eyes – those that were hitherto whitewashed by brightness or were hidden in black shadows. With the Q Viewing Angle, all colours stay true to themselves from any perspective, making fighting for a good seat in the house a thing of the past. The TV has been tailormade for action flicks. Its Motion Rate 240 technology renders the fastest moving action scenes at a zero blur rate. With no visible wires and a neat back, the 55Q8C will blend in beautifully with your home decor without disturbing the aesthetics.

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Samsung Q Series 163cm Ultra HD QLED Smart TV  (65Q7F)

Like all of Samsung’s QLED televisions, the 163 cm 65Q7F  boasts of a 100% colour volume to help you experience content that is as vibrant and dynamic as they come. Whether you decide to put this TV in an entertainment unit or mount it on a wall, its clean look with inconspicuous wires will only enhance your home interior. The bezel-less design makes it a stunning addition to your home. Say goodbye to multiple remotes for the TV comes with an universal remote that can control all your connected devices such as satellite, cable, soundbar and Blu Ray. Use Voice Search to browse through channels in a breeze. Thanks to the TV’s almost invisible optical cable, you can connect multiple devices to it with no messy wires. The Samsung 55Q8C comes with a resolution of 3840 x 2160 Ultra HD – 4 times the resolution of FULL HD.

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