Pulling Off the Tricky Jumpsuit


Does the idea of putting on a jumpsuit scare you? This one-piece outfit can turn you into the talk of a party because it’s such an unconventional and fresh option – provided you style it right! We are here to make you fall in love with this brave piece of clothing that’ll inspire you to give this garment a chance.

Pick the right fit

The fit of your jumpsuit will decide your look. A tailored piece that lightly skims your body is what you should be after: not too loose or tight. A loose jumpsuit will overwhelm your frame, more so if you’re short. A cinched waist jumpsuit that is loose on the legs is most flattering. If you are tall, wide-leg ones that finish just above the ground work the best. However, cropped or tapered jumpsuits look better on shorter people. To look taller, always choose vertical prints and patterns.

Go solid

Solid-coloured jumpsuits are your best friend if you’re just starting out.  A black jumpsuit will never fail you. Something so powerful about them! Other shades to experiment with if this is your first time are navy, maroon, bottle green – any dark shade should make you feel confident! When you’re ready, you can go for pops of colour like an electric blue, ruby red or the classic white. The next step would obviously be prints. But keep those for when you aren’t scared of trying on a jumpsuit anymore.

Layer it up

Not everytime do you need accessories to add bling to your outfits. Layering works great too! Throw on on a casual denim jacket to add dimension. How about wearing a tee under your dungaree-style jumpsuit? Try a plain white tee if it’s your first time. This ensemble looks super cute.

Heels, heels, heels

Oh, we can’t stress this point enough! Jumpsuits make you appear shorter than what you are – wide leg ones, more so. So you ought to ditch those flats. The simplest way to elongate your legs is with the help of heels. But ensure you choose stilettos or pencil heels for a slick look instead of chunky ones. Those will not help much.

Belts all the way

If it’s not already cinched at the waist, you can take the help of belts! A contrast belt can break the monotony of a jumpsuit. Belts are also known to have a slimming effect. If you choose a silver or gold belt, dial down on other accessories. Our favourite? A thin brown belt over a white jumpsuit.

Take care of jewellery

A jumpsuit is an impactful garment, no doubt. But that’s only because not many are seen donning it. Essentially, it is simple and basic in structure. Doesn’t hurt to wear one statement piece of jewellery with it. A chunky gold neckpiece with a black jumpsuit is just the right addition! Don’t over-accessorize. A solitary standout piece is what the doctor orders with formal wear. However, you can go all out with multiple bright jewellery if you’re heading to a brunch. A solid, pastel jumpsuit is a canvas for experimental jewellery and very brunch-friendly.

Hair can make all the difference

How you wear your hair with any outfit is more important than you think it is. When you’re putting on a formal jumpsuit, pull your hair back in a tight pony so that the focus is on your face. With casual cotton ones, you can leave your hair open. Nothing spells casual more than loose flowing hair!

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