New Launches: The Latest All-Purpose Washing Machines In The Market For Those Who Are Looking

Presenting the latest washing machines creating waves in the market with their gentle approach to laundry and low carbon footprint: 

Samsung Wobble Technology Fully Automatic Top Load (WA10M5120SG/TL)

The new Samsung ‘Wobble’ washing machine features a Diamond Drum that boasts of cloth-friendly ‘soft curl’ diamond-shaped ridges, that apart from being gentle on your clothes also come with tiny water exit holes, preventing fabric from being trapped. In ‘Quick Dry’ – a winning feature – the drum of the machine rapidly rotates to extract more water to reduce the drying time exponentially. 

Micromax Fabricare Wash Fully Automatic Top Load (MWMFA721TTSS2GY)

The Magic Filter of the Micromax Fibercare collects all the lint, fluff and other small particles released by your laundry during washes to prevent your machine’s drainage system from potentially clogging while giving you lint-free, clean clothes at all times. We love the natural air drying mechanism the machine employs to quick-dry your garments: small vents on the lid of the washing machine let in air during a drying cycle. The spinning garments combined with natural air effectively remove excess moisture from your laundry for soft, fresh clothes. Great for the monsoon season when your garments do not get the required sunlight! 

BPL 6.5 kg Semi Automatic Top Load  (W65S22A)

The Collar Scrubber of this BPL Top Load that adeptly removes tough stains from collars, cuffs and other tricky parts is a godsend.  You don’t have to remodel your pipelines in order to install the machine. With a bi-directional drain hose, you can easily connect the outlet hose to either side of the washing machine as per your convenience. You all know that higher the spin speed of a machine, lower is the drying time. With a staggering 1300 rotations per minute, expect your clothes to be flash-dried. 

MarQ by Flipkart Semi Automatic Top Load (MQSAHB65)

The MarQ Top Load MQSAHB65 has undergone 2500 hours of stress tests at extreme voltage fluctuations to ensure its run is stable under unpredictable and varying voltage conditions. The washing machine has also specifically been designed for Indian conditions, having been tested to withstand up to 90% humidity and temperature fluctuations ranging from – 40 to + 80 degrees C.  Lastly, high-pressure water jet tests have not shown the slightest trace of water leakage into electric parts, making the MarQ machine safe for everyone to use at home.

Midea Garment Sterilization Fully Automatic Front Load with In-built Heater (MWMFL080GBFS)

The unique Infini Baby Care function of the machine cleanses and sterilizes your baby’s clothes at 90 degrees C. The gentle paddle and slow movements of the drum result in undamaged, fresh and bacteria-free clothes by ensuring no detergent or residue is left behind on the little garments. The washing machine also allows you to customise and save your wash settings to use them in the future. Save the wash cycle by holding down the speed button for three seconds. 

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