New in Fiction: The Phoenix by Sidney Sheldon

Expect the characteristic glamour and unpredictability of a Sidney Sheldon classic in The Phoenix. Ella Praeger has always felt like an outsider all her life. So when she is summoned to join the ranks of The Group, a force for the good operating behind the scenes, she finds herself with a purpose – that which comes with a dangerous legacy.

The Group rid the world of one of its most powerful masterminds years ago. The case was thought to be done and dusted. But when a child is washed up on a beach in Greece with a suspicious tattoo on its heel, it appears to be a clear-cut warning. Athena Petridis has returned, to claim what was denied her.

Ella’s connection to Athena is very personal. She is the key to the downfall of a devil risen from the ashes, her nemesis. Forced to be reborn as an agent, will Ella survive the treachery of the underworld while coming to terms with the tragedies of her own past? The ride turns only tougher when only one of Ella and Athena can fulfil their destiny.

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