New in Fiction Books: Wake Up, Life Is Calling By Preeti Shenoy


‘Your thoughts turn into things’ is reiterated profoundly in the sequel to the compelling best-seller Life is What You Make It by Preeti Shenoy.

Wake Up, Life is Calling pretty much begins where the first installment ends. Ankita has survived a mental disorder and is now in Mumbai, in her dream college, studying the subject she loves: writing. All this, without the crutch of medication. If not perfect, life is at last normal. 

However, a book Ankita stumbles upon in her college library consumes her, sending her mind into a frenzy of terrifying thoughts. A past boyfriend resurfacing puts her in further turmoil. This is Ankita’s test of endurance. She has let her thoughts get to her once and is aware of the chilling influence they hold.

The more we think of something, the more it materializes. The book gracefully passes on this wisdom, making us realize if there is something we should fear, it is our thoughts. Give it a read even if you’re not fighting depression, for if there is a common ingredient we are in dire need of at this hour, it is positivity.

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