Never Lose Anything With The Panasonic Seekit

Panasonic seekit

Leaving your belongings behind will become a thing of the past with the very nifty Panasonic Seekit that alerts your smartphone when it disconnects from your wallet, mobile and anything that you secure with the slick 3 mm Seekit tracking device. Conversely, the device is equipped to ring when you buzz it from the Seekit app enabling you to locate it quicker.

  • Last Seen Location: If you happen to miss the separation beep/indicator, you will still be able to see the last seen location of an item before it has been disconnected on the Seekit app.
  • Proximity Guidance: Sometimes you know things are around but you just can’t get your hands on them (literally)! The Proximity feature in the Seekit app will guide you towards valuables that seem to keep evading you.
  • Keeps you safe too: An SOS alert, along with your GPS location, will be relayed to three of your contacts on pressing the Seekit button thrice.
  • There is always scope for a selfie: Seekit’s selfie button facilitates easy, effortless selfies while you experiment with as many angles as you like for the most flattering shot of yourself.
  • Find your phone with the Seekit: You don’t need to own a Seekit device to trace your phone, as long as you have the Seekit app. Track your phone through the Seekit website.
  • 18 months charge-free: A staggering battery power of 18 months relieves you of charging the device.
  • The Seekit Community: A winning feature we reckon. Be a part of the Seekit community to empower others to help you find what you are looking for quicker. How does it work? As soon as someone from the community walks by your lost belonging, you will be updated of its location. Quick and painless.

Is splash-proof
Works within a sphere of 100 ft

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