Meet the New Fitbit Watch in Town: The Fitbit Versa


A healthy lifestyle is a happy lifestyle. The Fitbit Versa will make working out a whole lot more fun with goal celebrations, guided breathing sessions, food logging, optimized on-screen workouts, tips and tricks on bettering cardio levels, friendly reminders to move and female health tracking among other exciting prompts that ensure you get up and about daily.

The disciplined trainer you need

With Automatic Exercise Recognition, the Fitbit Versa detects different physical activities to automatically record stats. Choose from over 15 exercises such as yoga, swimming and hiking, set goals for calorie burn and receive real-time celebratory updates when you reach them. Personalized cardio scores help you gauge your fitness levels alongside a bagful of tricks on improving time. The smartwatch takes eight hours of sleep very seriously. Automatic Sleep Tracking will send you reminders for bed and silent alarms and pointers on improving sleep quality while analysing your sleep patterns including light, deep and REM stages.

Guided breathing sessions, female health monitoring and more

Female Health Tracking allows you to log in your period, record symptoms and gauge ovulation cycles to better understand your body. Additionally helps you stay prepared for your next cycle. You can log in all your meals to compare how many calories you’ve consumed versus lost to ensure you are on the right nutrition track.

How long have you sat at a place without moving? With friendly reminders that nudge you to stretch your legs every hour, the smartwatch ensures you don’t sit at one place for too long, recognising and celebrating once you hit the 250 steps per hour mark.

Fitness, simplified

Connect your Fitbit to your phone’s GPS on your morning walk to see the map of the route you are taking, alongside real-time pace and distance. If swimming is your preferred choice of work-out, the Fitbit Versa is your best companion given the device is water-resistant up to 50 meters.

Never miss a calendar invite or an important text message with the Versa. Receive notifications from social media apps as well as calls, text messages, and emails. The smart band also allows you to send quick replies from your wrist.

What’s more, the Versa ensures you stay calm throughout the day with guided breathing sessions personalized basis heart rate. The slick gadget comes with a backlit display and an intuitive touch screen that responds to natural swiping. While you are presented with over 1000 clock face designs, the neutral-coloured sleek and lightweight silicone bands ensure they blend in with your appearance seamlessly.

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