Latest in Soundbars: The Intelligent Sony HT-X8500 Bluetooth Soundbar


The skinny televisions we have in our houses sure produce life-like images but additionally bring with it cramped space to accommodate large in-built speakers. It’s no wonder then that dialogues seem muffled and gunfires unconvincing. TV speakers are not just smaller and weaker, but point in the wrong direction too – shooting sound downward or at the wall behind the TV.

Cut to soundbars. A slim, oblong cabinet containing 2 or 3 individual speakers placed side by side that project sound from a larger enclosure. It’s clever vibrations generate virtual surround-sound, without the complexity and added wires of a home theatre setup that by the way, will offer you a truer surround sound but soundbars trump it as far as clear audio is concerned. The elegant bar fits right in front of your TV, that is how less space it takes.

New in the market

The Sony HT-X8500 Bluetooth Soundbar

  • With Vertical Surround Engine, enjoy the power of Dolby Atmos and DTS:X from a single slick unit. Just two front speakers are able to reproduce absolute, cinematic sound from all around you (including from above), simulating a 7.1.2 surround sound. 
  • A subwoofer in the centre allows you to feel the rumbles of an explosion and the aftershock of a car crash.
  • Sports Mode fine-tunes ambient crowd noise ensuring you enjoy the thrill of a stadium without losing what the commentators are saying.
  • Audio cues come from all around you in Game Mode, sharpening and quickening your responses in fast-paced gaming.
  • Experience sound that travels behind you in Cinema Mode,  immersing you slowly into the movie in front of you.
  • Slim and elegant is the HT-X8500, measuring just 890 x 64 x 96 mm. Its compact and unobtrusive design will blend in seamlessly with your TV and home decor.

Is compatible with 4K HDR video quality. 

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