Jeans: Why We Can’t Do Without Them


Not easy to discover an ensemble that beats the classic blue jeans and a white tee. It’s not surprising then that corporates are starting to become lenient towards the garment on non-Fridays too. What is it about a pair of jeans that makes it the dependable outfit that it is?

  • A piece of clothing that remains in good shape for a long, long time, a good pair of jeans will last you longer than even your sweatpants. Spending liberally on a branded pair is always a good idea when it comes to jeans. Would you rather spend a bomb on a pair of trousers that you know you’ll be wearing only to the workplace or a pair of jeans that can be pulled off virtually everywhere?
  • Ever heard an age bar for wearing jeans? From toddlers, pre-teens, young adults, parents to grandparents – everyone’s wearing ’em. The modest piece of garment that it is, not surprising it strikes a chord with not just the young.
  • That jeans are exceptionally easy to style is the reason a lot of people turn to them in the mornings when time is scarce. Whether it’s a button-down shirt, a peplum top, a graphic tee, a kurti or a floor-length kurta, a pair of denim jeans will rock them all.
  • You ought to have a garment that transcends seasons! A pair of jeans is that garment. No matter the weather, you’re never to feel uncomfortably hot or achingly cold in a pair.
  • It’s safe to say that this piece of clothing is unlikely to go out of style in all the years to come. You need not worry about not being on top of trends when you’re in a pair of jeans.

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