How Inverter ACs Are Different from Regular ACs

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With temperatures reaching unprecedented peaks every other day, air conditioners have finally made the long-predicted transition from a luxury to a necessity. While there are a couple of other parameters that could govern your choice of air conditioner, the most important is to decide between an inverter and non-inverter kind. They’re big investments, so a thorough research is the only way to go forward! 

What is a Non-Inverter or a Regular AC?

To put it simply, a regular AC operates on two capacities: full or none. Once the desired temperature is reached, the motor in a regular AC turns off and comes back on only when the temperature indoors exceeds the preset value. So you can imagine the number of times it turns on and off. Needless to mention, the on and off cycle translates to what you do not want when you are making an investment: big post-sale electricity bills. However, because regular ACs are significantly cheaper, it doesn’t pinch too much if you aren’t going to be using it throughout the year.

Electricity wastage is one thing, the other is inconsistency. As non-inverter/regular ACs work to restore the desired temperature, any incoming heat can delay the cooling process leading to subtle temperature fluctuations.

What is an Inverter AC?

Inverter ACs have been designed to counter temperature variations presented by the non-inverter kind. Their motor runs at all times when on, adjusting the temperature constantly instead of turning on and off. Imagine the turning on of a car. Both start at full speed, churning out enough power to reach the desired speed and then work on minimal power mode to counter any incoming heat to maintain balance.  What you get is consistent cooling.

The Verdict

While both of them will cool your home without leaving much to be desired, your decision should be based on the climate of your region, how frequently you will use the AC and up to what temperature levels. While inverter ACs will undoubtedly slash your monthly power bills, it comes at a fat price upfront. It’s the opposite with non-inverter air conditioners that prove to be a good small-term investment for a small price.

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