Introducing India’s First AC with Artificial Intelligence


Comfort cooling is now easier than you will believe with Livpure’s newest range of ACs that is powered by artificial intelligence and machine learning, a first in the country. Introducing air conditioners that think like you, for you. 

Voice-controlled Automation Device

Be prepared to be spoilt silly. Your Livpure air conditioner easily connects to wifi and can be paired with the ever-helpful Amazon Alexa, letting you operate the appliance with voice commands. You can turn the AC on/off, control temperatures and set the mode of operation using your voice.

Intelligent Geofencing

Imagine stepping into a cool home after a long day of work. With geofencing, the air conditioner can automatically turn on based on the location of your phone and its distance from the appliance. Likewise, it will turn off when you step out.

Mobile Remote

Just download the Livpure app to change the room temperature, switch between modes and to even control the swing of the air conditioner. The app allows you to control multiple ACs from your smartphone.


A smart air conditioner should be able to take care of itself, right? Livepure’s newest range is capable of running a self-diagnosis to send you faults if any along with alerting the service team automatically.

Timers and Scheduling

Set timers and preset multiple smart functions of the air conditioner according to your schedule. It will be turned on and off at a particular time daily or on specific days, as per your need.

Night Mode for Peaceful Sleep

Uninterrupted nights of sleep is courtesy glow buttons that help you locate the remote easily in the dark, a hide-display feature that turns off the AC display when you are asleep, a silent mode and an auto-restart function that switches on the appliance to the last recorded operation post a power outage.

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