India’s Best-selling Washing Machines Under 20,000: Part I

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When it comes to practical home solutions, the washing machine is right up there in the list, given the enormous time and energy it saves while handing you clothes as good as new! Well, if you’re here we’re guessing you’ve made the right choice and decided to do yourself and your family a big favour and get one for your home. What is India loving at the moment? Flipkart tells you, based on ratings and reviews: 

MarQ by Flipkart Fully Automatic Front Load Washing Machine with In-built Heater

With 1200 RPM (revolutions per minute), the MarQ washing machine results in 25%  faster cloth rotation. An 18-minute express wash means you never have to step out of the house in smelly or dirty garments. While Anti-bacterial Hot Wash destroys harmful microbes in the laundry for a hygienic cleaning environment, Anti-creasing ensures your clothes remain in its best form for the longest time. As many as 15 wash programmes ensure different fabrics receive different treatment.

LG Inverter Fully Automatic Top Load Washing Machine

While Turbo Drum rotates the drum and pulsator in opposite directions to generate a forceful water stream for those stubborn collar stains, Punch+ 3 ensures all your clothes are washed evenly by producing water streams in a vertical direction. In the event of a power cut, you need not enter wash settings everytime the power returns. The washing machine can pick up from where it left off. Connect the machine to the SmartThin Q app to detect and diagnose up to 86 errors.

Whirlpool Fully Automatic Top Load Washing Machine

Laundry cannot get easier with this Whirpool washing machine and its three easy smart features. While Smart Sensor indicates low water and voltage conditions, Smart Lint Filter removes accumulated lint and detergent residue during the wash. In addition is Smart Detergent that recommends detergent dosage based on your laundry load. The washing machine uses hard water to ensure the colour and quality of your clothes remain the same before and after the wash.

Samsung ActivWash+ Fully Automatic Top Load Washing Machine

The intelligent ActiveWash+ Samsung washing machine comes with a sink so that you can hand-wash your delicate garments and pre-treat heavily soiled clothes. It boasts of a water jet that starts and stops with the press of a button. The soft curl design of the diamond drum offers the gentlest care to your clothes. The diamond-shaped ridges prevent twists, tangles and knots; and small water exit holes minimize the possibility of clothes getting trapped and damaged.

LG Inverter Fully Automatic Top Load Washing Machine

This LG washing machine is equipped with Smart Inverter Technology that controls energy consumption by eliminating unnecessary operations. While Side Waterfall ensures all the detergent inside is well-blended with the water to curb detergent residue, Air Dry Mode minimizes moisture in the laundry – the feature prevents the inner tub from getting mouldy, reducing the drying time for your clothes as well. The washing machine is also reputed to not consume power on standby mode, even when plugged into a power source.

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