How Do You Choose The Right Bridal Lehenga For Your Big Day?

bridal lehenga

Choosing a bridal lehenga could easily be one of the toughest jobs a woman can undertake in her life! What with the hundreds of choices thrown at you, the ride can be overwhelming to say the least. Well, we may not be able to help you finalize the one and but we can definitely dilute some of the tension by sharing tips and tricks that everyone seems to miss while they first head out to shop for their bridal outfit. Without further ado, let’s get started right away!

Do you know your body type?

Well, first things first: do not follow the ‘trend’. You need not wear the ‘latest kind’ of wedding lehenga your friend just wore for her big day. Remember, it’s you who needs to feel confident so wear what you believe looks and makes you feel good. First off, know your body type. Trust us, there is a lehenga for all kinds of body structures out there.

1) Hourglass figure

You can possibly pull off just about any lehenga design with aplomb. Ideally, you must go for a fabric that hugs your figure like a crepe or chiffon. We think an A-line bridal lehenga would do justice to your body. For the choli, a short one works best to bring attention to your trim waist. You have no reason to be shy in bold and bright colours like a parrot green or hot pink.

2) Petite brides

Are you one of those who just doesn’t seem to put on weight no matter how much you eat? Worried you may end up looking frail on the D day? Well, you couldn’t be further from the truth. There are stunning wedding lehengas out there for you too. All you must keep in mind is to choose patterns and prints that are not big and imposing. They will only overwhelm your frame. Coming to the lehenga, you need one that can add volume to your body. A wide flared lehenga will give the illusion of large hips. Stay away from clingy fabrics – we’re talking about the likes of crepe and chiffon. Wedding lehengas made from handloom cotton/silk that stand straight are ideal for you. Lastly, do not be shy in  blouse. Your midriff is definitely one of the best parts of your body – display it without any inhibition!

3) The apple-shaped bride

Remember, it’s all about being confident and comfortable on your wedding day. You can’t feel beautiful if you feel conscious. For heavy upper bodies, a solid colour blouse with minimal embellishments does the trick beautifully (Tip: a wide neckline can make you look slender). Key is to choose delicate embroidery patterns on the top half; imposing motifs will only add volume. You could even opt for a jacket style bridal lehenga that plays the same role in concealing the upper body. High-waist lehengas are your best friend!

4) The pear-shaped bride

Panelled bridal lehengas are ideal for women with a larger bottom. The panels work beautifully in disguising the area. Draw attention to your upper half by going for a heavily embellished choli.

Know your colour

As important is shape, so is the colour of your wedding outfit. Colour plays a big role and you must know which ones bring out the best in you. Red may be the classic bridal colour in India but jewel tones and pastel shades are fast gaining their share of fans!

1) Fair brides

We love pastel shades on lighter skin tones. A lemon yellow, powder blue or a dusty pink would look absolutely beautiful on you if you fall under this category. Do away with the red and give these a shot!

2) Dusky brides

You are gorgeous, know that! If you don’t feel confident in a bright colour, just do not choose it – simple! Nothing should compel you to follow convention. There are lots of other colours out there that suit your beautiful skin tone. We love jewel tones on darker shades – a ruby red, emerald green, dark grey or a sapphire blue. Wear what makes you feel happy!


Your height has an important role to play too. You must play with designs, patterns and prints to accentuate your frame.

1) Tall brides

Blessed with good height? You can ditch those heels! Instead, go for a comfortable pair of stylish slippers with some elevation. Don’t opt for floor-length lehengas for they can make you appear unnecessarily taller. A lehenga that just about covers your heels will look the best on you. Opt for a long choli for a graceful look.

2) Short brides

Shorter brides, you have nothing to worry about! Did you know that high-waist lehengas can make your legs look longer? A high-waist lehenga that grazes the floor imparts an illusion of height. Keep the choli short. That is a super attractive combo. Elongated and vertical prints and patterns are known to add a dimension of height. We have also noticed that a choli and lehenga of the same colour work best for shorter brides. Your dupatta could be of a contrast colour.

Do you know your budget?

Do not make the mistake of walking into a Sabyasachi store if you know you can’t afford it. Most women enjoy going into these stores just to see how these premium lehengas would look on them. But what happens when you fall in love with those pieces? You start to feel nothing else would match up to them! You’ll find yourself constantly comparing every other piece to a Sabyasachi or the like. You don’t want to be unhappy with your final choice, do you? As a bride, you should love your dress! So, instead of thinking that you need to settle for less, don’t even venture into stores from where you know you won’t end up buying.

Are you giving attention to your blouse?

bridal lehenga

You will inevitably give more attention to your lehenga design when you first start shopping for the bridal outfit. Do not do that! Remember, your wedding photographer will click most of your pictures waist up. So it is imperative that your blouse must be equally (or more) attractive than your bottom wear. Sadly, shopkeepers too tend to give more importance to the lehenga piece – all the elaborate and beautiful Zari work would more often than not go on that! But keep in mind that your lehenga will not appear in every wedding photo of yours’ – your blouse and dupatta most definitely will. Give equal attention to all three.

Always click a picture of yourself in the outfit

The store you are buying your outfit from could have yellow lights, white lights or some other special light. The fabric colour will look different under different lights. Even changing room mirrors have the tendency to make you look curvier or slimmer than normal. It’s always safe to click a picture of yourself in your bridal lehenga. You don’t want to be in for an unpleasant surprise when you go to pick your outfit up!

The importance of the dupatta in a bridal lehenga

bridal lehenga

Yes, we know the choli and lehenga are high priority. But pay some attention to the dupatta too. Your dupatta may have a stunning border on the outside but do not forget to check the colour of the fabric behind it. We are talking about the inner lining. When you place the dupatta over your head, the inner lining will be equally visible to guests. Not to mention the lining colour will also reflect on your face. A dark shade like navy will only make your face appear dull. Bright hues on the other hand, like a yellow or cherry red, will lift your face up.

Do you feel beautiful?

Off-shoulder cholis could be popular. Shararas could be popular. Hot pink could be popular! But – will they look good on you? Wear what you’re confident in. It’s absolutely alright to choose a lehenga that was being worn many a year back. If you believe it makes you look good, just go for it. Afterall, only when you feel beautiful will you appear happy and that will invariably show on your face.

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