How Do You Carry a Bodycon Dress with Confidence?

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You have a Bodycon dress in your cupboard for months now, and you haven’t mustered the courage to pull it out and wear it. We completely get you. A Bodycon has the tendency to wrap around your figure like second skin. So it is a tricky outfit to pull off. But if you’ve been working out and are in shape, there’s no reason why you should not try out this dress. Plus, with our tips and tricks, we’re sure you’ll feel a lot more sure and confident!

Take the help of add-ons

There are a lot of ways to dial down the dress, while retaining its essence. Layering works like a charm if you want to divide attention. Throw on a casual denim jacket or a cardigan; tie a plaid shirt around your waist if you’re conscious of your curves or sport a big chunky necklace to split the attention.

Pay attention to fabric

Bodycons will do more than just skim you, so there really is no need to choose clingy materials (read jerseys). Opt for thicker fabrics that stand straight and firm, highlighting just enough, not more or less.

Heel it up

Nothing rocks a bodycon dress like a pair of heels! They not only elongate your legs but add an air of confidence too. Did you know heels have a slimming effect? However, you can’t wear heels everywhere so for a casual outing, sneakers with some height does the trick!

The darker, the better

That dark colours make you appear leaner is no secret. If you’re scared of feeling too ‘out there’ in a Bodycon dress, opt for deep hues. A black Bodycon dress is your best friend if it’s your first time. You can also look at maroon, burgundy or bottle green. Darker shades contribute to adding confidence tenfold. 


Key to wearing a Bodycon is to never too hard. Remember the dress already makes an impact by itself. Support it with only a few key pieces of accessories – a watch, some dot pearls earrings and the customary clutch. You can forsake the watch too when wearing three-fourth or longer-sleeved Bodycons. Trust us, with this dress, less is more. If you’re out and about in the city on a summer day, a Panama hat can be a cute companion.

Shapewear is your best friend

Shapewears are in the market for a reason and that’s to make you feel fantastic! Made precisely for brave clothing, overlooking them will be an injustice. Shapewear can prove to be a Bodycon’s best friend, given they can flatten and smoothen those bulges making you feel a whole lot better.


If you still wish to split attention, wear a wide belt with your dress. Belts nip at your waist, making it look slender while adding a new dimension. Choose a contrast colour. 

Are you confident?

Well, this goes with anything you decide to wear. Constantly keep pulling down your dress, and you will only come off looking awkward. As long as you are in sync with the place and gathering, a Bodycon will guarantee you rave compliments for your bold and unconventional choice. Remember, feel good and you’ll look good.

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