Home Design 101: Monsoon-Friendly Decor Ideas

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Who doesn’t love curling up with a book and a hot cup of chai amidst the pitter-patter of the rains? While we all love the intimate and cosy atmosphere Monsoons stimulate, this season also means grey skies and gloomy afternoons. But you can battle the dark and dull weather outside by following our quick and easy decor tips to brighten up your home. Trust us, they’re bound to keep your spirits up!

Wind chimes

Every home must have a wind chime! The soft ringing of chimes when they hit the monsoon breeze is delightfully soothing to the ears. The perfect match to the sound of rain! Hang them by the window or at the entrance to your garden.

Colour me up

With grey skies outside, your home may start to reflect glumness. What you need is a splash of colour! Switch greys, reds, blues to bright shades of yellow and pink. Brighter shades can instantly add freshness to your room. Start with cushion covers for they’re the least time-consuming to change. You can then move on to your bedsheets and rugs. We are loving colourful floral prints to beat the dark skies of the monsoon!

Keep muck at bay

Monsoons will inevitably bring in dirt and muck. The first step to prevent this is to put a high-absorbent mat outside your front door. We suggest you choose jute or bamboo mats in fun letters but in shades that can conceal dirt to an extent. That way you need not replace them every other day too. Keep in mind that a doormat is the first step towards a muck-free home in the rainy season.

Warm scents

We may all love the smell of mud after a fresh spell of rain, but water brings with it dampness that often builds a musty smell in the air. The best way to fight this is with some warm fragrant aroma oil. You will find essential oil diffusers in every other home now. Lavender oil, eucalyptus, lemongrass and tea tree are among the most popular essential oils available in the market. You can even make your own scent! Throw in a sliced orange with some cinnamon and clove sticks in a pot of water and get it to a boil. Bring it to simmer, and it’s ready to use. Pour the solution in a big glass container or mason jar and leave it in the corner of a room. You can reheat and use it again for atleast three times. Remember to keep the jar refrigerated when not in use. The inviting and romantic fragrance is sure to make your guests return sooner than you expect!

How heavy are those curtains?

Curtains play a very important role in uplifting the spirit of your home. Do away with thick drapes and invest instead in thin, lightweight curtains in pops of bright colour.  Thicker materials end up soaking more moisture causing them to become damp soon. Thin curtains (read sheer curtains) will allow ample sunlight to stream in, turning your space bright and breezy!

Umbrella stands

Needless to say, umbrellas and monsoons go hand in hand. Leave a pretty basket at your entrance for your guests to leave their wet rain gear like umbrellas and raincoats. After doormats, this could prove to be the second most important step towards a muck-free home!

Bring the outdoors indoor!

home design

How about bringing in some plants from your balcony or garden inside? Empty wine bottles and old boots can serve as quirky plant holders. Decorate them with fairy lights to further beautify the look. What better than fresh flowers to ring in some cheer? Pick up some daisies, tulips, lilies or whatever fancies you from the local store. Earthen pots, ceramic/glass bowls or vases – don’t stress about containers. Whatever is lying around at home will do.

Breathing space

Remember the chances of fungi growing are more during rainy seasons. Keeping upholstered furniture against the wall or too close to each other absorbs moisture giving way to fungi and bacteria. The key is to space them out from each other and the walls. Give them ventilation!

Cozy up!

home design

And finally, comfort furnishing can turn the Monsoon a season to remember. Grazing your feet on fuzzy rugs or enveloping yourself in a knitted throw can be perfect companions when you’re winding up a long day with some steaming hot chocolate and television.

Feeling confident to take on the Monsoon?

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