Home Design 101: Summer Decor 2019

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The onset of a new season is a great excuse to update your decor. What should you be doing to your home to reflect the cheerful vibes of the season?

Celebrate the outdoors

We love all things green! The colour exudes freshness and is a sign of life. Bring in the likes of money plants, lucky bamboo plants, snake plants and aloe vera, that require little to no sunlight, to fill up empty spaces in the house. They not only are visually comforting but stimulate clean air flow too. Have fun while choosing pots! Choose among fun and quirky shapes like bicycles or teacups. Pure white pots in contrast with the green look absolutely refreshing and lovely. Pick out bright flowers for your home in shades of yellow, orange and pink for a garden-fresh vibe. Small clusters of bright colour give happy feels!

Shades of summer

Pastel colours and floral patterns reflect summer in its truest sense and are known to uplift moods. Add pops of lime green, mauve, lavender, dusty pink and the like for a cooling set-up that is friendly to the eyes. Throw in some pillows, indoor and outdoor rugs and other accessories in pastels and floral and tropical patterns. White is also a classic summer colour that has a brilliant soothing effect.

Spruce up those open spaces!

Welcome the breeze on a summer evening with style! Pay some attention to your balcony to turn it guest friendly. Add low tables, ottomans, floor pillows and bean bags in bright colours that evoke a merry atmosphere and are integral to casual summer decoration. Leave the blacks, navy blues, purples and browns, bring in bright blue or yellow dishware with fun props for the season on the lines of paper umbrellas and pineapple stirrers. Final touch could be some string lights that are the easiest way to turn a place cozy and inviting.

Go light and sheer

Point of summer decor is to ensure your room feels airy and open. Take down those heavy drapes and stash away thick bedcovers. Throw open the windows and make space for sheer curtains that bring in light and don’t forget breathable bed covers. The key is to look for light fabrics. Tropical, botanical and beach-inspired prints for your bed linen is summer in a bottle! Quirky themes can lift up your spirits more than you can imagine. To let them truly stand out, keep the wall colours soft and other accessories to a minimum.

Space it out

Bring in more breathing space in your living room by spacing out your furniture. Pushing your sofas against the walls allow for free movement and paves way for a space that is not stuffy or cramped – just what the doctor ordered for the hot season. Finally, including some tropical scents such as citrus or ocean breeze fragrances can set the mood for the summer.

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