Home Design 101: Making a Small Space Appear Bigger

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Have you been struggling with designing a small space? We understand the challenges that come with less square footage but believe us when we say that small is not equivalent to being cramped. Our handy solutions will help you turn that small space in your home into an intimate and multi-functional area, that not only is inviting but can comfortably accommodate all the essentials.


If you haven’t used something for a year, you probably will not anytime soon. Store it behind closed cabinets if you aren’t willing to throw it away. Nothing takes up more space than things that just lie there without a purpose. Trust us, you’ll feel a lot better seeing free and open spaces.

Can’t get yourself to stack away your favourite figurines? You have to make a choice and pick a few that are closest to you. Have you tried arranging them by colour and height? Remember that anything in order automatically opens up spaces!

Think big

A common false ideology – decorate a small space with small pieces of furniture. Trust us, this will only cause more harm than good. Use a few key large pieces instead of several smaller ones (more number of pieces = more clutter). A single statement sofa set or a recliner will keep your space open and free. How about adding an oversized painting or photograph above it? Small spaces could use some drama for added dimension!

The lighter, the better

Sure, dark colours are inviting and cozy but did you know lighter colours make a space appear sprawling and open? Beige, white, cream and all pastel hues are your best friends!

Let the light flow!

It’s no secret that a well-lit room will look larger than what it seems. So, skip the dark, heavy drapes and choose sheer curtains that will let some light stream in, creating a sense of depth in your room. The exposure of the landscape outside will also play a part in making your space look large and airy.

Mirrors and home design

Mirrors are super helpful in creating an illusion of space. They reflect light instantly making a space bright and big. You can hang a single oversized mirror or multiple ones to create a key wall.

Play safe

It’s always safe to choose colours in the same colour family when you’re painting the walls or choosing upholstery for a smaller space. Invest in furniture that comes in colours similar to your walls for they would blend right in, expanding the area.

Do you see what I see?

Glass coffee tables do a great job in convincing the eye that there is more space than what actually is. See-through furniture, here we come. 

Height matters

While bright walls can open up spaces, dark ceilings create depth. How about adding some fun lighting fixtures? They will draw the eye upwards, creating an illusion of height. Another way to do this is to hang your curtains really high (mount them from the ceiling if possible) and let them fall all the way to the floor. The beautiful fall of the fabric akin to a waterfall is definitely a height enhancer!

Multi-functional furniture

Invest in furniture that can serve many functions like a Diwan or a Sofa Cum Bed that come with multiple storage options as well for blankets and pillows. Ottomans, that serve both as coffee tables and extra seating, don’t take too much space either. Extendable dining tables that could be made large or small are great space saviours as well! We’d suggest you give preference to any type of furniture that you can put away when not in use. We’re talking about wheeled or foldable furniture.

Breathing space

home design

And finally, you don’t need to fill up every part of a room. Leaving some empty spaces will lend an airy look to your space, automatically making it appear spacious.

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