Home Design 101: 8 Quick Tips to Get Started on De-cluttering

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Its simple really: mess causes stress. 

When your room is filled with clutter, a problem can turn into a mountain in no time. You control the mess around you, you pretty much control your life. It’d be silly to underestimate what decluttering can do to your state of mind. For those who are overwhelmed with all the clutter, our quick easy steps will give you a headstart: 

Visualize your room 

Before you begin, take a good look around the room. What isn’t a part of the room that has found its way there? Is there anything apart from furniture and rugs that is on the floor? Are there finished books and empty bottles on the bed? A look around will mentally prepare you for what you need to relocate or simply throw. 

Learn to throw things away

The last thing you want to do while decluttering is to shove things into cupboards and drawers when you don’t find a purpose for them. That is NOT a solution. If you haven’t found a purpose for an item in six months, you will most likely never. Dump it straight in the dustbin or the donation box. Trust us, trashing things away at the start of decluttering is therapeutic. Not to mention, opens up spaces too. 

Pro tip: Don’t spend too much time deciding whether to get rid of an item or not. The key is to be quick and not rewind all the memories attached to it. Give 30 seconds and come back to it later if you can’t decide. But be on the move. 

The four kinds of boxes

Grab four boxes at the outset (you don’t want to run for boxes while you’re in the middle of this step):

The Relocate Box: for items that have crawled out of their original spaces. Like a book in the kitchen or your sweater in the balcony.

The Fix Box: For the smartwatch whose charger you’ve misplaced or the dress you’ve been meaning to alter. If whatever long-lost thing you have found in your room does not work, either get rid of it right away or fix it right away. Don’t let it sit and collect dust for another month.  

The Donate Box: Can you imagine an item that you are about to throw away being put to use by another person? Put them here. 

The Trash Box: When you can’t allocate an item to any of the above boxes. The easiest of them all!

All papers go in one place

Paper is known to constitute a big proportion of clutter. This is chiefly because there really is no one spot for it. We’re sure you can picture yourself putting away bills, manuals, flyers and mails in different parts of the house – the dining table, dresser, kitchen counter. Designate one spot, a pull-out tray or drawer and don’t stash paper anywhere but there! 

Get rid of the flat surface clutters FIRST

The mess that you see on countertops, tables, nightstands and other flat surfaces is often the first thing that comes in our range of vision, making the decluttering task at hand seem bigger than what it actually is. Knocking off everything from these parts of the house clears your field of vision (literally), motivating you to target the difficult-to-navigate bits such as drawers and cabinets next. Countertops should display only those things that you use very frequently. 

Is something in your room nagging you?

Does something in the room annoy you? Maybe the unused newspaper stand that always gets in the way or that sweatshirt that doesn’t fit anymore but is too expensive to throw. Get rid of them first thing; it will feel like an obstacle out of the way. 

Make way for new clothes

As you are going through your clothes while getting ready for work, pull out a couple that you haven’t worn for a long time and discard them. Do this little at a time and you will enjoy seeing your closet open up and ready for all the new fashion you will eventually buy.  

The 5 item game

Pick up 5 things that you use but have a habit of putting them just about anywhere because there are just no ‘right’ places for them! The game is to look around hard and zero in on a designated spot for each of the 5 items. A good spot. And make sure you put those things nowhere but there. Repeat this with a handful of things at a time. 

Cleaning your room is not a one-time affair because of the everyday influx of things in our life. Start and continue to do a little now and then and you will feel different about your room each passing day; a huge burden lifted off your shoulders. 

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