High Heels: Master Them Today


High heels are a blessing if you know how to walk in them. Not only do they make you appear taller, but add an air of confidence too. Nervous about giving them a shot? We understand not everyone can strut around in a pair of heels naturally. But if you follow our simple tips and tricks and practise walking in them at home, you can bid adieu to your fear of heels.

Shop with care

A rule of thumb you should swear by: when in doubt between two sizes, go for a size bigger. You can always add shoe pads/cushions, but there’s no way out with a smaller pair of shoes. Not all brands fit you the same so never make the mistake of believing you are a size 5 in all.

You would know that all of us have different shapes of feet. Choose a pair that best suit yours’. To play safe, we recommend always picking a heel that is wider than your bare foot. Walk about in them in the store for as much time as you like until you feel sure of them.

Walk from heel to toe

When you’re walking in heels, you must act like you are walking in heels. Most people put their whole foot down at once as if they’re walking in flats. Possibly the biggest mistake you can commit, making you appear rather clumsy in the process. While moving in high heels, place the heel of your foot down first and then shift the weight to your toes for a walk that is more natural and elegant.

Don’t take big steps

Walking in high heels is essentially walking on your toes. You would agree that it is not practical to take big steps while tip-toeing. Instead, small and dainty steps are what you should be going after. The higher your heels, the shorter your strides must be if you want to be in control. Rest assured you will not appear comical taking small steps; attempting to walk quickly rather will only make you look clumsy.

Try walking in a straight line

How would you walk if you were given a chance to walk the ramp? We’re guessing as straight as possible. Attempt to put down one foot more or less directly in front of the other. We’re not suggesting you do a catwalk – your movement need not be over-exaggerated. Just visualise yourself walking on an imaginary straight line, and you should soon get the hang of it.

Now that you know how you can carry off these beautiful pairs of shoes, there should be no reason for you to not try them out!

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