Best-Selling Books 2018: Have You Read These 5 Unputdownable Stories?


2018 has been a fantastic year for books and book lovers! From spine-chilling investigative thrillers to captivating love stories, this year has dished out something for everyone. If you’ve finished your 2017 stock, you must take a look at some of our top recommended best-selling books of the year that are bound to keep you engaged in unstoppable suspense and drama. Let’s get straight to business.

Best-selling books: 2018

The Woman in the Window – A. J. Finn

One of this year’s most anticipated psychological thrillers, The Women in the Window, does not disappoint.  This powerfully gripping book will take you back to the exciting era of Hitchcock. Anna Fox lives alone and believes to have witnessed a murder across her apartment. The twist? Anna in on medication for a psychological disorder that causes her to hallucinate. Needless to say, the police find it difficult to believe anything she claims to have ‘witnessed’. But who says paranoia is always baseless?

In this book, nothing is what it appears – anything can be real, anything imaginary. It is sure to sweep you off your feet with its fast-paced and ingenious writing. Definitely deserves a place in your bookshelf!

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Still Lives by Maria Hummel

Why is an artist missing on the night of her own show?

Kim Lord is a prominent avant garde artist in the L.A art circuit. Her next anticipated exhibition displays photographs of her as famous murdered women implicating a culture that is obsessed with women and their bodies. This is Lord’s biggest night of her life. But what happens when she doesn’t show up for the opening?

Could this be a publicity stunt or is there foul play involved?

Days pass and Lord remains missing. Museum staff editor and narrator Maggie Richter finds herself being pulled into the investigation when her ex-boyfriend and gallerist Greg Shaw falls under suspicion.

Trust us when we say you will not be able to rest without finding out what happened to Kim Lord. Apart from being a thrilling mystery, Still Lives beautifully tackles the subject of bias portrayal of women in art and media and its dangerous consequences on our culture. Afterall, life imitates art, does it not?

The Wife Between Us – Greer Hendricks and Sarah Pekkanen

Beware!! This book will catch you completely off guard! Delicious twists and riveting momentum – we dare you to put it down until you’ve reached the very last page. A paranoid and jealous Vanessa is obsessed with a younger woman her former husband is about to marry. You will assume you know the dynamics of this love triangle. But appearances can be deceiving. No one can be trusted. You don’t know who is in control. Read it to understand the things we overlook in the name of love.

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Katerina – James Frey

Love, sex, betrayal, drugs and the madness that is youth! Katerina is an explosive novel by America’s most controversial writer James Frey. Forty-two year old rich but lonely screenwriter Jay finds himself at the receiving end of cryptic Facebook messages. He dismisses them off at first but their familiar tone reminds him of someone from his past. Possibly someone he abandoned when he was on the verge of fame. The novel is an exhilarating love story alternating between a 1992 young novelist Jay brimming with passion and a 2018 famous yet numb Jay, the screenwriter.

The Subtle Art of Not Giving a F*ck – Mark Manson

Self-help books preach about how to be positive all the darn time. The common ideology – feel good and you will receive good. But Mark Manson is perhaps the only one to understand that it is absolutely okay to not feel good – to not give a f*ck – that it is okay to embrace defeat and move on because life is messed up and we have to deal with it. The point is not “how do you want to enjoy life?” The more important question is “what kind of pain are you willing to endure?”. Life is a series of potholes – and you are defined by what you struggle for.

This edgy best-selling book is sure to straighten you out. Give it a shot!

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