Get a Grip! Use a Popsocket.


If smashed phone screens are what your worst nightmares are made up of, what are you doing without a popsocket? A nifty tool, this accordion-like accessory resembles a large button that can ‘pop’ onto the back of your phone. Its slick expandable and collapsible design is why you need to put in absolutely minimal effort to get around it.

A host of uses:

Additional grip: the most obvious reason behind buying this handy tool. ‘Pop’ open the popsocket and continue to text, post content and browse freely with one hand. Collapse it back, and it will flatten itself on your phone. An extra grip comes handy when you have to negotiate a larger phone, tablet or a kindle.

Folks that you see holding on to their phones on their morning jogs are not crazy to be doing so. Most likely, they’ve got a popsocket slapped on.

Ace those selfies: With additional grip, you are empowered to experiment with different angles to find the most flattering shot of yourself. Popsockets work like a charm while you attempt those difficult to achieve group selfies. Tilt your phone, extend your hands, fit everyone in without the fear of your hands slipping.

A portable stand: Pop open the popsocket twice and prop up your smartphone in whatever orientation you prefer. Take group photographs on self-timer, watch videos and answer video calls, all hands-free. You are carrying your own personal stand with you!

The stand works best when the tool has been attached somewhere on the middle of the phone. That said, even if it isn’t, you can peel it off and place it as you like. Be quick with it in order for the glue to not dry out.

How about mounting your phone on your laptop? Continue to work as you answer a video call.

No more tangles: Wrap your earphones around the popsocket/s to keep them from being tangled (and lost!)

Water-proof: With a popsocket glued on, keeping your phone on or near a wet surface does not become a potential risk. Go on, place your smartphone on kitchen counters without getting it wet.

Lastly, the button like disc like sticker scores high in the stress-busting department too with its addictive ‘popping’ design. Do yourself a favour and get one ASAP.

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