Don’t Forget These While Packing for a Vacation 

Bandages, day bags and multi-socket plugs –  you might be heading to the alps or the east coast of Italy, but trust your vacay to be of top quality when the things we’ve listed down for you are an arm’s stretch away: 

But first …

Make that list

We love everything old school including sticky notes and making elaborate lists. No matter how boring it sounds, jotting things down is your best chance in staying away from the all-consuming feeling of regret of having left behind something. Make a column for essentials and one for desirables. Once you start to segregate things on paper do you realize you can do without a number of things. How many times have we tried to squeeze in an extra pair of pants in an already stuffed suitcase? Airline luggage limitation is a thing – accept it.

Pro tip: roll your clothes instead of the traditional way of folding them. You will see that this not only prevents those dreadful creases but saves you a ton of suitcase space. 

Do you really need that many shoes? 

With shoes, there’s just one simple thumb rule: it’s not about the volume of shoes, it’s about versatility. You don’t need two different pairs of heels for dinner soirees, and another couple pairs of boots for the rainy days; instead one of each kind – whether its boots, kicks or heels – should cut it. 

Did you add these to your suitcase? 

Plug Adaptor 

Airport prices for plug adaptors are an absolute rip-off. Hairdryers, mobile phones, cameras .. you’ll need an adaptor to plug an electronic device from one country to a wall outlet of another. You can’t be forgetting this! 

Day Bag or Backpack

A travel hack everyone swears by – a day bag. Change of clothes incase the weather turns on its head, water bottles, maps, something to munch on while you are exploring and your passport! Think of it this way: you should be able to survive with a day bag for a minimum of a day w/o your suitcase. 

Copies of travel documents 

Losing your passport is the end of a holiday. Lost passports are more often than not the result of stolen or lost luggage. We can’t stress enough on making multiple photocopies of your passport, hotel and travel reservations and driver’s licence. Keep the copies away from the originals so that when you lose one set, you still have the other intact. This is particularly helpful when your smartphones are out of battery or when you do not have access to the internet. 

Ziploc Bags 

The multiple purpose Ziploc bags that take up virtually no space in your bag is no less than an asset.  Use them to keep your phone safe from water when you’re lounging on beaches, store snacks, fill the bags with ice to turn them into cold compressors for a twisted ankle or to keep the likes of mouthwash and lotion from leaking in your luggage. We bet you can think of more uses!

Multi-socket Plug

Never underestimate the number of electronics you will end up charging on a holiday! Especially if you are sharing a room with another person. Hair curlers, laptops, mobile 1, mobile 2, you get it. Not all hotel rooms are equipped with more than a couple of power outlets. A multi-socket plug will do you a world of good! 

Medicines including first aid kit 

Accidents can happen in your living room; they can also happen when you’re walking down the narrow alleys of Europe. Don’t be the guy who spends 10$ on a box of bandages. Always keep a small first aid kit with basic things like an antibiotic cream, eye drops, bandages etc with you. 

Doesn’t matter if you are not prone to headaches and road-sickness, packing paracetamol and an antacid is always a good idea. You don’t know how the weather will welcome your body in a new place. There are chances medicines in the country you are visiting may only be available on prescription. So if you are under medication for something, carry enough of it along with a copy of your prescription in case your holiday gets extended. 

Dry Shampoo 

Dry shampoo (a shampoo that does not need water) is an ingenious time-saving product we women have been in dire need of for decades now! A dry shampoo stretches out the time between two hair washes, especially useful when you want to spend less time inside your hotel or when access to showers is limited. 

Sun Protection 

Spoken about in so many checklists that it’s now sadly overlooked. People forget the UV rays of the sun can be a lot stronger in different parts of the world. Tropical destination or no, you need sun protection if you are going to be outdoors for most part of your day (and you will be we are guessing). Make sure to bring more than a bottle for you are bound to reapply. 

Rain Gear

Doesn’t matter what the weatherman on your screen says. Nature is as unpredictable as they come. If you’re caught in a spell of rain, your day is cut short even before it has possibly begun. Instead of rushing to the hotel to change or scouring for an umbrella shop in a downpour, always keep raingear handy with you. This only includes a raincoat and an umbrella. Nothing fancy. 

Stain Remover

It’s a bummer to walk around with a stained T-shirt. Especially if you’ve planned on wearing it again on the same trip. Stain-erasing sticks offer instant fixes and can slip into your handbag as easily as a pen! 

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