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Make yourself a hot cup of coffee while you devour these uplifting pieces of work that will tug many a heartstring.

A Clear Blue Sky by Jonny Bairstow and Duncan Hamilton

All of eight was English wicketkeeper Jonny Bairstow who had to deal with his celebrated father David ‘blue eyed’ Bairstow – who incidentally too was England’s wicketkeeper (and a very popular one at that) – taking his life at the age of 46. Following the initial shock, Jonny found his way through the turbulences by dedicating his life to sport. The man was a gifted athlete having proven himself in rugby and football through his adolescence. But he eventually followed his father’s footsteps by choosing cricket, reaching the pinnacle of the sport as he went on to become the English wicketkeeper with the most Test runs in a year in his kitty. This emphatic account of adversity alongside what it means to come into your own will infuse you with the will to overcome absolutely anything. Thank you Jonny for this one!

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The Verdict by Nick Stone

Will you be able to fight for the acquittal of a man who has given you some of the worst memories of your life? Terry Flynt, a struggling legal clerk, finds himself in a predicament when he has been asked to defend murder-accused multi-millionaire Vernon James – the same person who had nearly ended his career many years back. But Terry is desperately trying to prove himself and this case could make his career. On digging deeper into the life of the accused, Terry is forced to confront secrets of their shared past. His feelings turn complicated when the evidence begins to show that James could be innocent. Can Terry defend his former best friend turned foe unbiasedly?

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The Forest of Enchantments by Chitra Banerjee Divakaruni

While Ramayana is a treasured tale of morality, let’s not forget it is a love story at heart. But like all of Banerjee’s novels, the women take the driver’s seat in this one as well. The Forest of Enchantments is a riveting retelling of the Ramayana through the eyes of Sita who goes on to become the glorious queen of Ayodhya only to lose it all. You will also get touching insights into the minds of other often misunderstood women in the epic: Mandodari, Surpanakha and Kaikeyi. Like most Indian epics, the Ramayana reflects the state of men and women even today, which is not the best thing for the tragic state of women remains unchanged. Banerjee’s underlying poignant questions form the crux of the novel: What is the right of a woman in a relationship? When can she say “no” to duty?

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Becoming by Michelle Obama

Undoubtedly one of the most compelling and intriguing women of our era, Michelle Obama takes us through her ordinary turned extraordinary life – right from her childhood on the South Side of Chicago where she was born to a working-class family to an executive balancing motherhood and work while navigating gender and race issues on an everyday basis to finally her days spent at the world’s most famous address. As the first African-American First Lady of the United States of America, Michelle is known to help create the most inclusive White House the world has ever seen. Whether it’s consciously carving herself into a well-known compassionate advocate for young girls all over the world, raising two modest daughters under constant media glare or being ever-dependent and omnipresent for her husband during some of America’s most distressing times, Michelle has done it all with sheer honesty and kept herself as real as it can get during the whole process.

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