9 Things You Need To Carry In Your Bag This Monsoon

monsoon essentials

Aren’t we glad we have left the summer behind us for this year! But while monsoons bring with it romance of the rains and the flirty breeze, it’s a weather that is as unpredictable as they come. One bad day in the rain and you’re desperately waiting for the next season switch. But a few key items in your bag can ensure the showers don’t spoil your party.

Folding umbrella

Don’t be fooled if the sun is shining bright or if you can’t see clouds for miles. Expect a monsoon that is erratic, everytime. A small, folded umbrella will barely take up space in your handbag. An umbrella in pops of colour is just what the doctor ordered to combat the grey skies.

Rainproof Bag/Pouch

Think transparent tote bags, which more often than not are rainproof. If waterproof bags are too much to ask, atleast carry a waterproof pouch with you for important documents, gadgets etc so that even if your bag is soaked, you won’t regret anything.


Don’t think we need to elaborate much on this. Tissues are lifesavers in any season! Mud splatters, sweaty necks, unexpected showers…you’d never know when you need one!


Bacteria travels shockingly fast in the wet seasons. You don’t want to visit the washroom often, especially if you’re out and about in the city. Remember that your hands are one of the biggest carriers of diseases; just a drop of sanitizer is all it takes to save you from doing rounds of the hospital.

Phone cover

Yes those transparent plastic phone covers may conceal the beautiful case of your smartphone but that should be the least of your concerns. It takes one small wrong move for your phone to find itself in a puddle of water. Be smart. Invest in a waterproof mobile cover. 


Metallic sheen raincoats or frosted transparent ones? It’s time for raincoats to have a fashion moment. Don’t shy away from this very basic piece of garment that does not compete with windcheaters or umbrellas. With clear, transparent raincoats giving others a sneak peek of what you’re wearing, you have no reason to deem it ‘unfashionable’.

The Right Footwear

If you just cannot do without your high heels, we suggest you atleast keep a pair of flip-flops or even better, open-toed PVC sandals or crocs with you.


Ladies, your foundation is at risk of running down your face in case you get drenched in the rain or sweat, even. Compact is a lovely addition for quick touch-ups that don’t require you to reapply foundation every time you want to set your make up straight.

Perfume/Body Mist

Very easy to smell stale after spending long hours in raingear. A small perfume or a body mist can save us when you need to get somewhere and don’t have the time to hit home for a quick shower.

We also suggest carrying an empty plastic bag and extra pair of clothes for emergencies. 

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