7 Baby Care Essentials for a New Parent

No, you don’t need everything that ‘must-have’ section in your neighbourhood kid store expects you to stockpile before your delivery date. It’s time expecting mothers realize parenting is a work in progress, you will get the hang of it – intuitively (and from interminable advice from those with 3 to 0 children) – as the weeks pass by. That said, it’s always helpful when someone puts things down in a list, isn’t it? Apart from the overflow of diapers, here’s our pick of 7 nifty necessities that will ease you into your new journey: 

Infant car seat 

Apart from the fact that a surprisingly high number of hospitals will require you to have one installed before you and your baby can be discharged, an infant car seat with its snug structure is a potential instant sleeping spot for newborns. Make sure to read the instruction manual well in advance of your due date!

Swaddle blankets 

We all know swaddling is the quickest way to put your child to sleep for the motions of it mimic the comforting squeeze of the womb. You will find blankets designed specifically for swaddling. The best ones come with ample surface area and lots of stretch with Velcro tabs that aid in all the wrapping. Grab a handful of them so that you always have one at hand even on laundry days. 

Burp cloths 

Newborns do pretty much three things: eat, spit and sleep. You don’t want to wait for a projectile accident before you stock up on burp cloths. Burp cloths could be anything from cloth diapers to muslin blankets. A lot of people prefer blanket-size muslin cloths for they double up as an extra layer of warmth if the child needs it.

Baby carriers/baby wraps 

A baby carrier will put your baby right where they want to be all the time, next to you! But there really is nothing like being able to use both your hands, isn’t it? While ‘wearing your baby’ is recommended for bonding and comfort, you will finally be able to pick up and fold those clothes strewn about without it seeming like a tricky video game. 

Breast pump

Not only are breast pumps highly recommended to stimulate milk production, they give new mammas some much-needed rest while their partners take the onus of placating the newborn with a bottle of stored breastmilk, which can also be frozen (labelled with the date, of course!) 

Rompers with mittens 

How many times have baby mittens gone missing in the washing machine or just fallen off from your little munchkin’s hands? We absolutely love the idea of rompers and sleepsuits with attached mittens that stop babies from scratching those precious cheeks continuously. 

Portable changing pad

Unfortunately, you will not find the kind of changing station you have very carefully designed at home – with falling stars and orbits – elsewhere. In fact, many public bathrooms don’t even come with changing stations. The ones that do may not be as hygienic as we’re looking. Sometimes you’re running short on time and have to make do with the back seat of your car. Trust us, a portable changing pad with inserts for wipes and diapers will prove to be a godsend at crunch times!

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