4 Kinds of Summer Dresses You Must Own

Our summer-favourites will you get excited for a season that may be sultry but opens up a myriad of fashion opportunities that require minimal effort and time.

The Shirt Dress

Being part shirt and part dress is the easy, breezy shirt dress that lives up to its name. An elongated button-down shirt is what you get – nothing more, nothing less. But it is this fuss-free design that makes it a winner in the humid months of summer. The very basic design of the shirt dress is often broken with the help of a thin belt and an oversized tote.

A scooped hemline is classic of a shirt dress.

The T-shirt Dress

If a shirt dress in an elongated shirt, we’re assuming you get the drift behind a t-shirt dress. The use of cotton and viscose is what gives the dress its elasticity, making it ever-so breathable. Much like shirt dresses, t-shirt dresses lack definition. Layer it up with a military or denim jacket to introduce visual interest. Tying them around your waist will create a waistline that can break the one-piece pullover like design.

The Maxi

summer dresses

Loose and flowy, a maxi has saved us time and again when we don’t want to compromise comfort whilst being fashionable. Lightly skimming your body, the roomy maxi is revered for the freedom of movement it has lent to women for decades now. Nothing plays partner to a floral maxi more than strappy sandals and some dangling earrings. Summer at its best!

The Shift

summer dresses

Hanging loose from the shoulders is the very boxy shift dress, which as its name suggests, ‘shifts’ with you. At its best, a shift is short, straight and sleeveless with a high neckline, almost boat-like. The structure constitutes clean, simple lines with little to no embellishments. Minimalism is key and what the shift is best known for. With a de-emphasized waist, they are great at disguising problem areas.

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