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Crazily big stall (pssst – one of the biggest actually) at the World Book Fair – check
Tons of games and vouchers to be won – check
A line-up of super cool authors, book launches and meet-and-greets – check check

Yep, your favourite (we hope) online bookstore is going to wreak havoc at India’s oldest book fair – and true to form we promise it’s going to be exciting. Do come. The thing is, we worked extra hard on the creatives for the stall, burned the midnight oil and all that – and we are rather desperate to show them off.

Flipkart creatives at the WBF stall
Flipkart creatives at the WBF stall

Now we can’t sell books there – we are all about shopping online after all. But what we have done for you is get some of your favourite authors to visit us all through the fair.

Here’s a sneak peek into what is lined up for tomorrow – we have the super talented Ashok Banker (Forest of Stories) and Ashwin Sanghi of Chankaya’s Chant fame (here’s our rather interesting interview with Shawn Haigins) all set to meet fans at the Flipkart stall on Saturday, 25th Feb, at 3 pm and 6 pm respectively. You can even bring along your personal copies of their books and get them signed.

Since we don’t want you to get lost

Stalls 957 – 988, Hall No. 6
Date: 25th February till 4th March

Now you have no excuses.

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Flippin’ the 2012 World Book Fair
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5 thoughts on “Flippin’ the 2012 World Book Fair

  1. I just received the news-letter about Flipkart being a part of the World Book Fair in Pragati Maidan. In the list of authors attending the event, there are many names and I just wanted two clarifications from you. One, are these authors attending events organised by Flipkart or they are just going to be a part of the Fair. And two, if Arundhati is going to be there, when her session is scheduled to take place?

  2. Hey – first off apologies for the late response. Most of the authors have been invited exclusively by Flipkart and the book-readings/meet and greets are happening at our stall. Arundhati however, is slotted to visit WBF on Feb 27th. She is due to come to our stall around 2 pm but that’s not yet confirmed.

  3. It’s nice to take a vacation once in a while because this gives you physical and mental refreshment. I can still remember my unforgettable experience when I was in Bantayan Island. The place was indescribable. The surroundings were rare, pleasant to your soul.

  4. It’s nice to take physical and mental refreshment. Most of the authors have been invited exclusively by Flip kart and the book-readings/meet and greets are happening at our stall.

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